Vole Traps vs Vole Bait Stations

vole snap trap

We get calls from customers who say, “I have three of your traps,” referring to our Standard size system, or “I have six traps, referring to the Deluxe size and so on, however, The Vole Control Bait Station System does not contain traps, but stations for holding poison bait with an installation design for easy and secure access by voles who will instinctively take bait back to the nest for all the voles in a colony to ingest.

How to Get Rid of Voles

landscaped back yard

We've helped homeowners get rid of voles in my home state of North Carolina and across the US since 2004.  As a residential landscaper, I often heard from past customers, frustrated by the destructive signs of voles in their yards.  Lawns and planting beds were suffering.  Beautiful yards I helped create had stressed or dying plants, clipped runways in lawns and thousands of dollars of plants at stake and my customers were asking me what to do.  This was motivation and inspiration to develop a systematic plan of attack. 

Poison rodent baits and a conscientious method for vole control

Gus the cat.

We have a few natural vole predators on our property. Our cats and a family of screech owls that nest in the barrel of the old windmill pictured here above our favorite cat, Gus. We don't kill harmless, non-poisonous snakes as they are good natural predators as well. Together, they are great for keeping the rodent population under control. However, sometimes prolific voles become too much for the natural predators resulting in an infestation.