How to Get Rid of Voles

We started our business,, in 2004 to help homeowners do just that: get rid of voles! Since that time the online marketplace for products claiming to get rid of voles has grown by leaps and bounds, affiliate marketers have added to the confusion promoting products simply for the sake of a commission.  One thing that hasn't changed is The Vole Control Bait Station System and the fact that to truly have success getting rid of voles you need a Systematic Method that will help you eliminate ALL the voles. If just one male and female are left behind, you will undoubtedly have a resurgence. The systematic approach of the Vole Control Bait Station System can give you the assurance that all the voles in the colony have been eliminated. Keep in mind that voles do not hibernate and breed prolifically.  Periods of snow cover in the winter provide a "security blanket" for voles to enjoy, so it is important that every last one is eliminated to effectively gain control. 

How to Get Rid of Voles

We have narrowed down the process to Four Basic Steps summarized here (you can click the links to dig in deeper):

  1. Learn about Voles – There are many different species of voles and although it may be interesting to learn the exact species, to gain control with The Vole Control Bait Station System, it is most important to determine the foraging activity of the voles in your yard. Some vole species predominantly forage for food underground while others are predominantly above ground foragers and then some use a combination. The Vole Control Bait Station System has two set up methods to control all vole-types.

  1. Learn about the System - We never called it a “kit” ourselves, but customers often refer to it as a kit. The goal was to give the average homeowner all the tools necessary to “take back their yards”, so the word “kit” is aptly earned. The inspiration for development of the product was the many frustrated homeowners, Marshall, (the developer of the system), encountered while a residential landscaper. A number of landscape customers were the first to test and review the new product designed specifically for the behavior of voles.

  2. Locate the Voles – Sure, you think you know where the voles are, but it isn't as simple as it seems. Following the instructions and performing the apple test is an important step to know exactly where to place bait stations for optimal system performance. With the apple test, you will also determine the number of colonies you are dealing with in your yard.  The apple test is also a great tool for testing to be sure all the voles have been eradicated and to be sure you haven't had a re-invasion from season to season. So be prepared to buy a bag of fresh apples!

  3. Conquer your Vole Problem – Step four is purchasing the right product for the job: The Vole Control Bait Station System with the recommended Kaput Vole Bait will do the job effectively and safely and give you the assurance that you have achieved “Vole Control”!  Take a moment and think about the value of your landscape.  An investment in a product that has been proven to work is surely worth it.  (See Testimonials)

Once you verify that you have eliminated all the voles in your yard, you can implement habitat modification to help prevent a resurgence in future seasons. We also recommend doing the Systematic Search/Apple Test each spring and fall to be sure you have not had a re-invasion. Additionally, to reduce re-invasion likelihood, it is a good idea to encourage your neighbors to eliminate voles from their yards too. Some satisfied customers have passed along their used “kit” to a neighbor to do just that!