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Each VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System consists of 3 bait stations to be placed in close proximity of each other in an area of vole activity. A poison bait ( Kaput® Rat, Mouse and Vole Bait ) is placed within the bait stations. Each station is identified with a Bait Station Number. Mark your calendar with a numbered "Check Bait" sticker and systematically check your stations over a period of time for eaten and removed bait. You continue to replace the eaten bait until all the criteria are met within the monitoring system. Once control is achieved in that area, the bait stations can be moved to another Hotspot of vole activity, or left as a permanent safeguard.


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DO NOT SKIP the Apple Sign Test! This will not only help you determine what size system to order but also confirm that voles are definitely your issue. We don't get many returns, but 99% of our returns are from people who skipped the Apple Sign Test before placing an order! Taking the time to test will help you avoid return shipping costs and a potential restocking fee.


Choose the Bait Station System that's right for you.

Before placing an order: It is best to determine the number of vole colonies or Hotspots of activity in your yard in order to determine which VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System to order. To help you do this you need to find the voles with a systematic search.

Consider the Following:

  • The number of vole colonies or Hotspots of vole activity
  • Value of plant material
  • Your time and patience - how fast do you want to achieve control?
  • Size of property
  • Budget

** When ordering the Bait Station system without Vole Bait, you must purchase bait from another source. Kaput Rat,Mouse and Vole Bait is the recommended bait for the system.


All Bait Station Systems Include:

  • Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • "Check Bait" Calendar Reminder Stickers
  • Bait Measuring Spoon and Paper Funnel
  • Nitrile Safety Gloves for Handling Bait
  • Personal VOLE CONTROL Support
  • 100% System Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee