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Learn about the VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System - A systematic and effective approach developed by a landscape professional to control all vole types. The VOLE CONTROL Bait Station system can be installed to control both above and below ground foraging vole types.

I have battled voles in my yard for the past 2 years, and have tried various methods to eliminate them: mouse traps, rodent pellets, home remedies, fumigation, etc. None of these methods had any effect on these rodents. Upon receiving the Vole Bait that I purchased, I was a bit skeptical. The voles consumed the bait in all 3 stations the first week. Thereafter for the first few weeks, they regularly consumed the bait in one station. It took about six weeks, but I finally believe the bait stations have conquered my vole problem. I am satisfied with the performance of the Vole Control Bait Station System.

Thank you! M. Rockwell, Chamersburg PA


Two Setup Methods to Control All Vole Types


You will look for the signs of vole activity and how the voles forage for food to determine which setup method you should use to gain control. Each Vole Control Bait Station System box has what you need for both setup methods, and will control both Above and Below Ground Foraging types. (Click Here to learn about Vole Types)


Mulch covered VOLE CONTROL Bait Station

Mulch Covered Method for Below Ground Foraging Voles

Using the Vole Control System

Tent Setup Method for Above Ground Foraging Voles

Tent Setup Method for Above Ground Foraging Voles

Advantages of the VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System

  • Encourages a systematic approach for vole control.
  • Can be monitored for effectiveness to assure complete extermination of colony.
  • Provides an inviting place for voles to go and get the bait.
  • Helps keep bait dry longer than just placing it in the ground.
  • The bait station design encourages vole activity around the bait station.
  • Can be moved easily from one active area to another.
  • Can be left permanently as a safeguard against vole infestations.
  • Essentially invisible in the landscaped garden.
  • Discourages access to bait by non-target animals.

"The bait stations are working quite well... every Saturday I place 3 tablespoons in each station and its usually gone by Tuesday. I have moved 2 stations. Thanks for your excellent product and vole knowledge. I may be able to plant a hosta and have it survive a season. I have tried everything from smoke bombs to gassing them with the carbon monoxide from my tractor, but only this seems to be working." - M. Thomas, New York  See More Testimonials

Common Questions and Answers about the Vole Control Bait Station System


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