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Bait Station System

We Recommend Kaput Rat, Mouse and Vole Bait

Kaput is an EPA approved rodenticide for voles in all states.

Got Moles?
Check out our Mole Bait

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If You Do, then as you read this,
Voles are Destroying your Valuable Landscape.

Take Back Your Yard Now!
With the VOLE CONTROL Bait Station System

We tried EVERYTHING before I found your product and NOTHING worked. If you ever need another testimonial, just let me know! I'll sing your praises.
-- Suzanne H. in Williamsburg, VA

Your products have saved my garden!

--W. Jordan in West Simsbury, CT

Finally! The Solution to Your Vole Problem

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We Also Offer Mole and Gopher Control Products!

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